Thursday, January 21, 2010

Troubleshooting with fitSharp and FitNesse

To use fitSharp with FitNesse, we set the FitNesse TEST_RUNNER variable.
!define TEST_RUNNER {c:\program files\fitSharp\Runner.exe}
For troubleshooting and debugging, there is an alternate test runner we can use.
!define TEST_RUNNER {c:\program files\fitSharp\RunnerW.exe}
This runner pops up a window before it starts executing tests.

 At this point, we can attach our debugger to the RunnerW process. When we click 'Go', the tests are executed. If an unhandled exception occurs, we'll see it in the window.

When we're finished, we click 'Go' again to finish the test.


  1. Great hint! This will release me from a lot of pain! Thanks a lot!

  2. Excellent! This is much simpler than the method suggested by others, which involves starting the runner as an external program from Visual Studio.

  3. Could you tell me how to attach to the RunnerW.exe process

    1. Visual Studio menu: Debug/Attach to process

  4. Hi, please help I'm having trouble with debuging VS2015 project. the runnerW.exe doesnt seem to wait for me to attach to the process just executes the test. as I went through the code it says it doesnt seem to hit the thread sleep or Im missing something (a little rusty on Java code)