Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fixture-free in the rain

I'll be presenting at Agile Vancouver in November on "Fixture-free Automated Acceptance Testing". This is a brief excerpt from a discussion that sparked the idea for the presentation:

Fixture-free is about exercising the System Under Test directly with a testing DSL like Fit or Slim (or whatever). It does require developer-tester collaboration because the System Under Test needs to expose classes and methods that are (a) testable and (b) named with ubiquitous language. (Otherwise it degenerates into trying to write code in a poor excuse for a programming language!). But once we have this, testers can do lots of stuff without additional developer help. For (a trivial) example, if we have a class Account with methods deposit, withdraw and balance, with fitSharp, with no fixture code, we can write:





In reality, 100% fixture-free is unlikely, but we can drastically reduce the need for fixtures and for developers to write fixture code for every test.

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